Flying Wing V-1 Farrar   

General Details
Manufacturer: Farrar
Plane Name:

Flying Wing V-1

Classified as: Unclassified
Country Of Origin: U S A
Designer: D.F. Farrar Jr.
No. of Seats 1
No. Built 1
L/DMax: 36
MinSink: 0.61 m/s / 2.4 fps / 1.42 kt


Span Area Empty Weight Payload Gross Weight Wing Load Water Ballast
m ft sq.m sq.ft kg lb. kg lb. kg lb. kg
kg lb.
7.92 26 8.36 90 79 175 79 175 158 350 18.9 3.89 0 0
Aspect ratio: 7.51
Airfoil: Northrop mod.
Structure: metal, wood and fabric

The V-1 is a scaled down version of the bomber and transport flying wing prototypes. Which were produced by Northrop near and shortly after the end of World War II. It differs from these by the addition of a vertical tail surface. Control of both pitch and roll is accomplished by rotating wingtips which make up 0.61 m. / 2 ft. of the span. The pilot is located in a prone position within the wing root.


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