Zuni Applebay   

General Details
Manufacturer: Applebay
Plane Name:


Classified as: Unclassified
Country Of Origin: U S A
Designer: George Applebay
No. of Seats 1
No. Built 20
L/DMax: 38@ 98 kph / 53 kt / 61 mph
MinSink: 0.55 m/s / 1.8 fps / 1.07 kt


Span Area Empty Weight Payload Gross Weight Wing Load Water Ballast
m ft sq.m sq.ft kg lb. kg lb. kg lb. kg
kg lb.
15 49.2 10.13 109 238 525 306 675 544 1000 53.7 11.01 220 483
Aspect ratio: 22
Airfoil: Wortmann mod.
Structure: all fiberglass; carbon spar caps in Zuni II

The 15-meter Zuni, which first flew in 1976, was in limited production until 1983. The flaps and ailerons may be operated separately or interconnected. Although the wing is unusually thin it provides space for up to 181 kg / 400 lb. Of water ballast. The –II model has carbon spar caps and optional carbon control surfaces, and water ballast capacity is increased to 219 kg. / 483 lb. . Specifications are for the Zuni II.


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