Katana Xtreme HK-36 TTS Diamond   

General Details
Manufacturer: Diamond
Plane Name:

Katana Xtreme HK-36 TTS

Classified as: Unclassified
Country Of Origin: Germany
No. of Seats 2
No. Built 0
L/DMax: 28
MinSink: 1.14 m/s / 3.75 fps / 2.2 kt


Span Area Empty Weight Payload Gross Weight Wing Load Water Ballast
m ft sq.m sq.ft kg lb. kg lb. kg lb. kg
kg lb.
16.6 54.5 15.33 165 539 1189 231 509 770 1698 51.53 10.29 0 0
Aspect ratio: 0
Structure: GFRP/CFRP
Engine: 86 kW/ 115 bhp Rotax 914F

The two-place sel-launching glider, a development of the HOAC HK 36 Super Dimona, is produced in four varieties, the HK 36TC with an 60 kW/ 81 bhp engine and tailwheel landing gear, the HK 36TC with the same engine and tricycle gear, the 86 kW/ 115 bhp HK 36TTS with tailwheel gear, and the HK 36TTC with the same engine and tricycle gear. The variants with the larger engine have the capability of towing lighter sailplanes. The wings fold back to stand vertically parallel with the fuselage for hangaring.


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