Elfe S-3 Neukom   

General Details
Manufacturer: Neukom
Plane Name:

Elfe S-3

Classified as: Unclassified
Country Of Origin: Switzerland
Designer: Albert Neukom
No. of Seats 1
No. Built 0
L/DMax: 37.5 95 kph / 51 kt / 59 mph
MinSink: 0.64 m/s / 2.1 fps / 1.24 kt


Span Area Empty Weight Payload Gross Weight Wing Load Water Ballast
m ft sq.m sq.ft kg lb. kg lb. kg lb. kg
kg lb.
15 49.2 11.9 128.1 208 459 112 246 320 705 26.89 6.79 0 0
Aspect ratio: 19
Structure: Balse/ plywood sandwich wing; glass fiber/ plywood sandwich fuselage

The Elfe series started from a 9 m sailplane designed by W.Pfenninger before World War II. A new design was introduced by him in 1947 to become the Elfe 2, probably the first sailplane with a laminar flow airfoil. Subsequently the series was further developed by Markwalder to become the Elfe PM-3 (brought to the US in the sixties), then by Albert Neukom the Elfe M, Elfe MN and AN66 before the Standard Elfe S-1 appeared in 1964 with a V-tail, followed by the S-2 with convetional tail. The S-3, the production model of the S-2, first flew in 1966 with a tailplane fixed part of the way up the fin. It has trailing edge airbrakes and a rubber- sprung retractable main wheel. A Standard Elfe came second in the 1965 World Championships at South Cerney, England flown by Markus Ritzi of Switzerland. A.J. Smith of the U.S. took first place in the Standard Class at the 1968 World Championships at Leszno, Poland in an S-3Neukom Standard Elfe S-3


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